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Have you been accused of child sex abuse or rape? Evidence presented for sex crimes can be shocking for the judge and jury, making it difficult to make your case. That's why you need an experienced sexual assault attorney who can tailor the right legal strategy for your case. Contact William B Parsons III Attorney at Law for a free consultation. My office is in Stansbury Park, UT and you may telephone me to speak about your case instantly.

When it's your word against theirs, every detail matters. As your sexual assault attorney, I will sift through the evidence to present the real facts.

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Potential defense strategies for sexual abuse

Using every available resource at my disposal, I will seek to diminish or disprove the evidence or testimony presented as proof for your sexual abuse charges.

Some of the most common defense strategies will attempt to prove that the accuser:

  • Falsified or manufactured allegations
  • Misidentified the defendant
  • Was harmed unintentionally by the defendant

Depending on the age of the victim and other factors in the case, sexual abuse charges can result in up to life in prison. Make sure you hire the right attorney who can give you a fighting chance in court.